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Swedish Public Employment Service Embraces Process-Oriented Transformation

The Swedish Public Employment Service is undergoing a significant transformation, shifting from a structure characterised by more autonomous departments to a cohesive, process-oriented organisation. This strategic move aims to enhance operational efficiency, streamline processes, and bolster security across the agency.A key driver behind this transformation has been Mats Kallmyr, a management consultant renowned for his [...]

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Energy company on the move

Preem is undergoing one of its most extensive IT modernisation projects to date and, as part of this effort, chose Nordic Interim (delivered by Capacia) to create and map the processes for the new ERP business system, Infor M3, designed to centralise, streamline and improve Preem’s ERP functions."Many clients across various industries are currently grappling [...]

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A turn-around assignment with a Contact Center has been completed

The assignment with our customer Swedavia regarding the Customer Service Center was completed in 2017-01, and at that time, the assignment had been ongoing for 20 months.The result exceeded the customer's expectations, and our consultant also felt that the assignment was meeting the expectations set by the company.Capacia also felt proud to partner with Experis [...]

E-commerce sites on the way

eShopping pages to find easier and safer good buys are about to be launched soon. Although the timetable is currently uncertain, there will be expectations that this will benefit many consumers. The pages are owned by our company, SweAsia Trading & Consulting. The following sites will be established; Biljettcenter - Site for finding tickets for [...]

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Capacia Groups company SweAsia Trading exports wine to Asia

SweAsia Trading, an esteemed international trading company, has been making waves in the wine industry by successfully exporting high-quality French wines to Taiwan.Additionally, the company has been engaged in fruitful discussions with an East European company in the FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) sector.This article explores the exciting export journey of European wines to Asia, highlighting [...]

Capacia Group company ETE in Singapore divested or sold

The company Ever to Excel (ETE) in Singapore, which was started for startup operations in South East Asia operations, must, due to an extended schedule, be divested or shut down.Sad news, but hope that the company can be started up again when we have reviewed the possibilities and a new establishment in a possible other [...]

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Capacia Group invests in start-ups

The Investment Manager at Capacia Group has invested in over 16 startups together with one of the more renowned business angel organisations, Stockholm Business Angels, and has been a partner in the fund since 2015. Resource time and competence will also be needed to create the conditions for a good return. [...]

Capacia has dialogue with e-Startup companies

Discussion has taken place with an e-platform company within the startups sphere. The discussions have come so far that the parties agree that a collaboration will benefit both parties, but unfortunately there is too much going on in the business right now so they will resume contact later this year.

A company within HR wants to collaborate with Capacia

Discussions with the company BrightCat, which works with a very interesting product in terms of goal fulfilment measurement of employees.Very interesting product with great potential, so Capacia continues the dialogue during the autumn.

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Share It Leadership reboot or collaboration?

Share It Leadership has been active for many years on Linked In as groups. One of the groups was in English, and one was in Swedish posts, and during a period, it was also tested to have network meetings. We have not continued with these due to too much administration around the set-up we then [...]

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Research over five years has come to fruition

Our Management Consultant Mats has been researching innovation and change management since 2012. Now it is ready and we of course congratulate you on the Master appointment.

Startup investment advice

We get many contacts within our business angel business, Ever to Excel (ETE). We often help entrepreneurs and discuss their plans going forward, but somewhere, we also have to survive. Therefore, we have a shorter discussion and up to a maximum of thirty minutes of presentation and advice. After that, you need to familiarise [...]

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