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Capacia provides leadership, purchasing, business consulting, sustainability, and language services on an assignment-based basis. With our trusted specialist skills, we complement our customers in the selected business areas.


Our management consulting firm has extensive experience working with businesses of all sizes, from agile startups to large multinational corporations. We leverage industry best practices and tailor our strategies to drive growth, optimise operations, and maximise profitability across diverse sectors.


As a leading management consulting firm, we’re committed to helping clients achieve operational excellence. Our experts deliver customised strategies and streamlined processes to optimise workflows, enhance productivity, and drive cost efficiencies. Trust our proven methodologies to transform your operations.

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Seasoned leader in Finance, Operations, IT/ICT. Expertise in turnarounds, lean processes, customer service.


Multilingual lawyer, 15+ years’ global experience, strategic purchaser, MBA Leadership & Sustainability, certified business angel, translator, reg. nurse.

“Mats is a very good manager as he really cares about his employees and really encourages people to come up with new ideas for improvements. Another very positive thing is that he wants people to develop, both personally and professionally. He also is very dedicated to building a strong team that has a high-performance

Carl Niss-Fahlander • Controller, Ericsson AB

“I’ve worked with Mats within the line organization of ITTE Hub Stockholm for 1 year. I’ve seen Mats as a very professional and innovative manager who supported all the working group and created a very healthy working environment My recommendation for the dedication and motivation shown during the project activities that he has been working with.”

Hani Hamdi • ICT Operational Manager, Ericsson AB

“Mats is a very seasoned and effective senior manager who really goes for the real goal and delivers. Mats’s experience makes him a very effective change leader.”

Mikael Björn • Business Unit Director, Agima Management AB

“Mats were my manager for 1 year at Ericsson. During this time, I got to know Mats as a manager that was very supportive, he made sure that his team always had what was needed to get their work done on time with the right quality and cost. But more than being just a good manager, I found Mats to be that rare type of person that focuses on what is best for the overall business and the company even if it meant sacrificing his own goals. Integrity is probably the best word I would use to describe him as he wasn’t afraid to say what needed to be said and do what needed to be done. It was extremely refreshing to work with a manager who also didn’t mind going against “big company politics” in order for the overall business to succeed. I would highly recommend Mats as an asset to any business and would be glad to work along side him again. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about Mats.”

Roger Silvermane • Senior Program Manager, Silvermane Consulting AB

“Mats are on the case until it is done with good results. He is also an easy person and nice to be around. So I can really recommend Mats.”

Mikael Pettersson • Managing Director, Let'sTalkGroup
“During the 12 years I have known Mats, I have seen him in various roles: manager, colleague, partner and supplier/consultant to my own company “Live Systems Sweden AB”. Mats has been extremely professional and equally proficient in all of these roles. Mats is an inspirational leader who spreads positive spirit and is able to get the group to go to the same goals, empower staff and get them to burn for their duties. As a colleague, Mats shared his knowledge unselfishly, supported his colleagues in their projects and contributed to the “we-feeling”, was strengthened in the group. In our relationship customer-supplier/consultant (to my own company, “Live Systems Sweden AB”), professionally performed Mats assignments, delivered with exceptional quality within the agreed time. The presentation that he created for our company and presented to more than three hundred customers became a real success! He demonstrates exceptional communication skills and is a talented orator. Mats creates more value in every project he works with, makes it easy to solve problems, apply analytical thinking. Mats is a person with great drive who accomplishes his tasks and responsibilities in the best ways. I would like to endorse Mats and give him my best recommendations.”
Lola Vukicevic Rytkönen • CEO, Live Systems Sweden AB

“Mats are the kind of leader who is giving his employees the opportunity to grow in their roles and responsibilities for them to be the right person in the right place. With his tremendous amount of experience in leading and coaching people, he ensures that goals are met, recognises the successes and provides feedback with the sole purpose of learning and improving, realising that their internal motivation is increasing. During the period that I reported to him, I got to know him as an open, honest, and direct person. A person with whom you at any time could reflect your ideas and visions. In times when our surroundings are demanding for each individual, leaders like Mats are needed to keep a team motivated, focused and empowered. It has been really a pleasure to work with Mats. I would recommend him at any time and if I am allowed to work with him again, I would do that without any doubt.”

Steve Hehanussa • Project Manager, Ericsson AB

“I worked with Mats on the STM side in implementing ST-Ericsson’s account payable activity centralization to the STM ESAS group of Swedish companies. Thanks to our hard work and the big experience of Mats, a strong team has been created, and after the first phase of start-up in which we faced a lot of difficulties, the job has been well completed and now it is going quite well. Thank you very much, Mats.”

Pierpaolo Poli • COO AP, STMicroelectronics
“Mats were my manager for about two years at Contact Center Stockholm. It was really challenging to be a part of Mats’ team, in a good way! He really focuses on the individual and the team. This means that you need to work with yourself a lot, work with giving and receiving feedback (positive/“negative”), how you express yourself, your feelings, from your point of view, no matter what anybody else thinks. No one can say what you feel is wrong. :-)
I have received feedback from people saying they think I have been more confident, more tolerant (listen to people and have time for them) etc. This is very nice to hear and I think it was thanks to Mats and now when I don’t work together with him anymore I need to continue this work on my own because I want to keep developing the skills I have. Thank you, Mats and good luck in the future, I’m sure we’ll meet again!”
Sanna Hill - Global Contact Center , Ericsson AB
“I would like to thank you for our contact. I appreciate our conversation when you told me about your job and your view of leadership. It actually gave me a boost and a direction! I found it most interesting. I am looking forward to work in an organisation like ST, a multinational and with great opportunities for growth and development. I look forward to doing a similar “journey” like you have! Once again, thank you. Looking forward to meeting again!”
Kristi Ekelöw - Consultant Manager, Academic Work