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“Mats is a very dedicated person with high financial and managerial skills. Mats has done an excellent job of creating the F&A team for ST-Ericsson Sweden, and with his passion for creating team spirit, handed over a team with tremendous energy.”
Kenneth Ohlin - Company Controller, ST Ericsson AB

“Mats and I worked close to each other during our time in the Middle East, where Mats held a position as Financial Controller for the Saudi branches. He was a highly appreciated manager among his closest colleagues and had a management style that people thought highly of. Mats are always delivered on time and of high quality. I would like to give him my best recommendation.”

David Gerges - Regional Financial Analyst FP&A, Ericsson AB

“I worked with Mats on the STM side in implementing ST-Ericsson’s account payable activity centralisation to the STM ESAS group of Swedish companies. Thanks to our hard work and the big experience of Mats, a strong team has been created, and after the first phase of start-up, in which we faced a lot of difficulties, the job has been well completed, and now it is going quite well. Thank you very much, Mats.”

Pierpaolo Poli - COO AP, ST Microelectronics
“Mats put energy into building up our team and letting us think, change and act by ourselves or within the team. He “plants a seed” in our minds and allows us to work with the idea at an individual pace.
In the start, you get the feeling that nothing happened, but after a while, you understand that ideas/changes/problems are something you, as a team member, can handle by yourself or within the team. Mats are in the background and support/coach you when needed.”
Robert Gouffrich - Project Manager, Ericsson AB
“Working with Mats in Saudi Arabia and Dubai has been a pleasure. He is a very dedicated person, and whatever he does is strictly professional.”
Besse Vaseghi • Logistic Manager, Ericsson AB
“Mats is a very experienced guy in finance, both from his career at Ericsson and earlier within SAAB. He also has an international perspective, as he has worked as an Ericsson expat in Saudi Arabia. As a person, Mats is very straightforward with no room for “bullshit” but keeps a very professional attitude about his work relations. I would definitely recommend Mats as a big asset for any organisation.”
Ali Sadek • Supply Coordinator, Ericsson AB

“I would like to thank you for our contact. I appreciate our conversation when you told me about your job and your view of leadership. It actually gave me a boost and a direction! I found it most interesting. I look forward to working in an organisation like ST, a multinational company with great opportunities for growth and development. I look forward to doing a similar “journey” to yours! Once again, thank you. Looking forward to meeting again!”

Kristi Ekelöw - Consultant Manager, Academic Works
“Open-minded, looking out of the box, benchmarking and challenging the way of working. Technically analysing issues and possible solutions, proposing… This is the Mats that I know!”
Philippe Berger • Senior Vice President, ST Ericsson

“I had the joy of working together with Mats for 3 years on a number of projects. Mats had a very professional attitude, in a positive sense, and always thought of ways of improving the business processes within his department. His knowledge and enthusiasm, along with a great smile, made a great contribution to the different projects we worked on.

Sven Svärdström - Oracle Developer, Lateral AB
“Mats Kallmyr is an excellent manager with the skill set needed to get the work done in any work setting. Mats have influenced me in a positive and significant way. His idea of management of holding the group together stands out and makes you excited about your daily work. I would recommend Mats for any undertaking he might pursue.”
Paul Ohrt - Contact Center Agent, Ericsson AB
“During the work to make a global network of internal Contact Centers, Mats was a key person. As manager of the “template” Contact Center, he developed all the best practices in processes, tools, and organisational setup. And all that with a remarkable people-oriented management style. Personally, I knew Mats was a social and always passionate personality – very energetic and inspirational to be around. With diverse experiences, I believe Mats is a person who engages in anything that takes this “extra passion” to get done.”
Jesper Pedersen • Manager of Global Financial Support & Process Management, Ericsson AB
“As a business colleague to Mats in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, I have seen him dealing extremely professionally with many difficult issues in a multicultural and insecure environment. He is sharp and highly competent in processes and financial day-to-day work, to the point in discussions, and he is very human in his approach to the people he manages and towards his colleagues.”
Niklas Lindbom • Procurment Manager, Ericsson AB

“Mats has been my fellow worker for a few years, and he has always demonstrated a high level of professional skills in his work. In particular, I could mention his perseverance when solving complex issues, his ability to deliver the proper solution on time, and his good humour even in stressful situations. His good communication skills make every lecture he gives great fun for his audience! It is, therefore, easy for me to endorse my colleague and good friend Mats!”

Håkan Nordlander - Finance Manager, Ericsson AB

“It has been a privilege working with Mats in the CIO Advisory Board, and we belonged to the same smaller focus group within the Board. Mats are very organised, proactive, and full of creativity, which gave us many good suggestions, some of which were ultimately implemented in the organisation.”

Jay Jay Chin - Head of M&A Operations, Ericsson AB

“Mr. Kallmyr was the recipient of an electronic invoice handling solution I was implementing for accounts payable. He was easy to work for as he understood the large picture of how new technologies could bring control and efficiency to his department; i.e. process improvements were always on top of his mind. As a manager, he was supportive, positive and professional. He encouraged me to take my own initiative, which gave fuel to my development. Thus, we have maintained our relationship since then. In summary, I find Mr. Kallmyr very professional and respectful and has a strong passion for success.”

Matti Pekkanen - Project Manager , Ericsson AB
“Mats were selected as one of 10 members of the ITTE Advisory Board in tough competition with close to 100 applicants from ITTE worldwide. The section required the applicants to show they understand the internal and external challenges faced by ITTE as a global unit and select 3 areas where the ITTE should focus attention to have the most lasting benefit. Mats current and historical in-depth knowledge of Ericsson has proven highly valuable for the board and allowed us to look at issues from different angles. Mats has been a highly valued member of the CIO Advisory Board 2012-2013!”
Kristoffer Sjostrom - Chief Security Officer, Ericsson AB

“I worked with Mats at Ericsson for almost 2 years. He’s a manager who inspires and motivates all colleagues with deep knowledge and a positive attitude – great manager!”

Pär Pettersson - Contact Center Agent, Ericsson AB

“I had the great pleasure of working with Mats during my time at LM Ericsson. He is a very skilled, focused and structured person in his line of work. He is good at making the right decisions at the right time. He is very interested in providing a good working environment for his team which led to good results over time. He’s a very motivating person with a good sense of humor and with an excellent knowledge within the financial field.”

Mårten Edvardsson • System & Process Developer, Ericsson AB

“Mats is a hardworking & people oriented good manager.”

Kumar Perera • Manager, Project Control, Ericsson AB
“I had the privilege of working with Mats on the global roll-out of a new Compliance solution at Ericsson. During the project, I really enjoyed working was Mats who is a proactive, result driven and a broad-minded perfectionist. He is always working towards maximal customer satisfaction. A highly motivated, achievement-oriented and reliable team player makes him an extremely valuable manager. I strongly endorse Mats as it was a real please to work with him.”
Christian Tschiggfrey - Senior Project Manager, ARISMA Consulting GmbH

“Mats worked very strong with development in the group. This lead to a very self-going group with respect for each other. Very good work!”

Marie Johansson - Contact Center Agent, Ericsson AB

“Mats is a competent, devoted, and inspiring Manager at Ericsson. I have worked with him and his different teams several times, and I am always surprised by the positive and useful feedback he gets from his subordinates. If you get the option of employing him or working together with him, don´t hesitate… go for it!!!”

Roger Lindberg • Behaviourist, Mentor & Coach , Consultus

“Mats and I worked for 2 years together. When I started as Manager of the Contact Center at Ericsson Netherland, I regularly visited his Contact Center in Sweden. I directly noticed his leadership skills. He had a clear view of the future developments in the Contact Center Concept, and he translated that into clear strategic objectives for the global management of Ericsson. He inspired and motivated his employees by giving them responsibility within the team and opportunities to develop their personal skills. This way of management led to high performance. Mats is always willing and not afraid to share his knowledge with others!! Mats is an inspiring manager.”

Dorus Goossens - Contact Center Manager, Ericsson AB

“Mats is a very good manager as he really cares about his employees and really encourages people to come up with new ideas for improvements. Another very positive thing is that he wants people to develop, both personally and professionally. He is also very dedicated to building a strong team with a high-performance capacity.”

Carl Niss-Fahlander - Controller, Ericsson AB

“Mats is a good manager, Who empowers, Who motivates his team. Always proactive thinking. Always keep the team informed. A good listener!”

Mujahed Anwer - Financial Accountant, Ericsson AB
“Mats is a pragmatic individual of high calibre, he resolves problems in a structured manner. I wish Mats all the best in business and life!”
Kevin Kuru - Project Portfolio Manager, Dfind

“Mats are goal-focused and highly motivated in their job. Mats is a person who is direct in his communication and not afraid to speak his mind when necessary to “make things happen”, always pushing progress in the right direction, but at the same time, open-minded to new ideas and/or comments. Mats is a great team leader with in-depth knowledge of leadership and management. I would like to give Mats my highest recommendation.

Martin Roger - Senior Manager, Ernst & Young

“Mr. Kallmyr was appreciated by his colleagues at Saab Cars as a dedicated and innovative Controller. He established relevant routines in areas stuck with outdated methods and downright chaos. His constant evaluation and implementation of more efficient business methods contributed to lifting the entire department to a higher level of cost-effectiveness.

Markus Winqvist - Technical Editor, Saab Automobile AB

“Mats are the kind of leader who is allowing his employees to grow in their roles and responsibilities for them to be the right person in the right place. With his tremendous amount of experience in leading and coaching people, he ensures that goals are met, recognises the successes and provides feedback with the sole purpose of learning and improving, realising that their internal motivation is increasing. In the period that I reported to him, I got to know him as an open, honest and direct person. A person to whom you at any time could reflect your ideas and visions with. In times when our surroundings are demanding for each individual, leaders like Mats are needed to keep a team motivated, focused and empowered. It has been really a pleasure to work with Mats. I would recommend him at any time and if I am allowed to work with him again, I would do that without any doubt.”

Steve Hehanussa - Project Manager, Ericsson AB

“Mats is a Manager you can trust. He is the kind of person you really look up to. He has an extremely high educational level and strong leadership skills. He is a perfect manager to inspire you!”

Jones Hedlund • Contact Center agent, Ericsson AB

“During the 12 years I have known Mats, I have seen him in various roles: manager, colleague, partner and supplier/consultant to my own company “Live Systems Sweden AB”. Mats has been extremely professional and equally proficient in all of these roles. Mats is an inspirational leader who spreads a positive spirit and can get the group to achieve the same goals, empower staff and get them to burn for their duties. As a colleague, Mats shared his knowledge unselfishly, supported his colleagues in their projects and contributed to the “we-feeling”, was strengthened in the group. In our relationship, the customer-supplier/consultant (to my own company, “Live Systems Sweden AB”) professionally performed Mats assignments and delivered exceptional quality within the agreed time. The presentation that he created for our company and presented to more than three hundred customers became a real success! He demonstrates exceptional communication skills and is a talented orator, making it easy to solve problems and apply analytical thinking. Mats is a person with great drive who accomplishes his tasks and responsibilities in the best ways. I would like to endorse Mats and give him my best recommendations.

Lola Vukicevic Rytkönen - CEO, Live Systems Sweden AB

“Mats has been very easy to work with as a line manager; he enjoys the role and is very clear in the distribution of duties and responsibilities. Mats has a unique ability to simply but clearly demonstrate the significant elements so that all participants understand. He is also sensitive to the views that show up and takes NECESSARY into account.”

Luz Lopez - Project Manager, Ericsson AB
“Mats was my manager in Saudi five years before, and during my 14 years at Ericsson period, I never worked with such a great manager who supports and guides the employees with High professionalism & keeps the Core values. Mats is the best manager with high leadership skills and knows what to do and how to do it. Incredibly motivating the resources, using them in the correct place based on their talent and capability, supporting them when they need official work or problems, and the person you can talk to about your matters and get valuable advice, the no drought rather than Mats. Mats is not like a Manager; he is like your best friend when you work with him. He always follows the cooperative process and is one of the process people who must keep the company policy and core values and always think about the company’s benefit first… I strongly recommend Mats to whoever is looking for a manager to run the organisation, such as Financial Control, SSC, or any service-providing organisation. I wish him good luck and await another opportunity to work with him to learn more about his leadership & management skills from Mats.”
Niranjan Rengasamy • Head of Financial Control, Ericsson AB

“Mats Kallmyr is a technocrat with an immense capability to map BITA (Business – IT Alignment). He is highly process-driven and often recognised for his swiftness in process engineering. Mats quality focus is clearly visible in his ways of working. His finesse in ideating, evaluating, prototyping, and industrialising technology-driven business processes makes him an ideal business process innovator. Mats ability to connect data facts to a pulse of people and drive improvement areas makes him a balanced leader for the organization and people. His dynamism, zest and drive for change craft an environment of motivation within the work group. While working with Mats, one would instantly get comfortable, and his infectious humour makes him a people person. Mats Kallmyr is an inspiration for evolving leaders.”

Prem Satpathy - Manager, Ericsson AB
“Mats managed the global implementation of Ericsson’s invoice scanning and workflow solution for local companies and market units. He performed the task with determination and stamina and delivered according to our customer’s expectations and demands. Needless to say, the results increased administrative efficiency while decreasing the total cost for our local companies and Market Units.”
Marco-Antonio Morales • Implementation Area Manager, Ericsson AB

“Absolutely the best manager I could ever wish for. Great communication skills. Open minded and straight in his leadership. Thank you, Mats!”

Gordana Stakic - Contact Center Agent, Ericsson AB
“Mats är en stark ledare som lyckas väl med att engagera och motivera sina medarbetare. Han är tydlig med sina mål, visioner och värderingar. Mats har en stor passion för den enskilda individen och dess utveckling och en förebild som sätter exempel för andra chefer i många organisationer. Rekommenderar varmt Mats som medarbetare och chef.
Therese Moe - Contact Center Agent, ST Microelectronics

“I worked with Mats as a supplier of consultants to his organisation. It was a pleasure to deliver to Mats because his abilities as a leader are powerful. He can take any average team and make it into a world-class team with great success.”

Robin Edlund - Key Account Manager, Academic Works

“I had Mats as direct Manager for one year in ST-Ericsson; he is a strong believer in teamwork, able to evaluate people for their skills and combine them in the best way. He is very focused and straightforward, with a wide experience in finance, projecting and in a lot of fields; it has been a great opportunity for me to work with him.

Sergio Coppola - Financial Accountant, ST Ericsson AB

“Mats has adopted the new leadership model as a coach and mentor and gives the employees a lot of feedback in getting results and a clear strategic vision. Proactive and support are two cornerstones which can summarise his work right now.”

Göran Owe - Program Manager, Ericsson AB

“I’ve worked with Mats within the ITTE Hub Stockholm line organisation for 1 year. I’ve seen Mats as a very professional and innovative manager who supported the working group and created a very healthy working environment. My recommendation for the dedication and motivation shown during the project activities that he has been working with.”

Hani Hamdi - ICT Operational Manager, Ericsson AB

“Mats is a great leader with vision. As my line manager, he has shared his view of how to make improvements and guided me in many cases to generate maximal value for the organisation. Mats is also a great mentor in both career and life aspects. He generously shares new ideas about life/career and how we can manage those from different perspectives.”

Jerry Chang • Program Manager, Ericsson AB

“Mats is a true professional through and through. He brings deep expertise on how organisations work and how they can be improved. On top of that, he is a really nice guy. It was very easy to work with Mats, and we had many rewarding discussions around leadership, change management and other business-related topics.
Knowledgeable, dependable, self-managed and will get stuff done. I can recommend Mats wholeheartedly to anyone considering to work with him in any situation.”

Mikael Nordenstjerna • CEO Sweden, Niteco AB
“Mats has excellent leadership skills combined with a talent for numbers and very good common sense. His abilities listed above, combined with the fact that his staff appreciates his support and leadership, make Mats a most enjoyable person to work with. Mats always takes time to discuss strategy and business issues.
If I ever have the opportunity to work with him again, I shouldn’t hesitate to join his team! I recommend Mats highly!”
Jyri Lönnström • Market Operation Manager, Ericsson AB
“Mats has a profound interest in leadership and management and an enthusiasm for the subject that easily spills over. His thoughts and ideas about individual empowerment, personal development, and group evolution are spot on.”
Magnus Wahlberg - Controller, Northern Europe & USA, ST Ericsson AB
“Mats is a very inspiring, dedicated and coaching manager. He attaches great importance to the development of the group and is focused on giving you the opportunity to grow as individuals and as a team. I think he has a positive attitude but is not afraid of confrontation. I can warmly recommend Mats.”
Camilla Widegren - Contact Center Agent, Ericsson AB
“Mats pay great attention to personal and organizational development without losing focus on the deliveries. He makes a difference by having a strong focus on the root cause; taking in and relaying relevant knowledge; and triggering improvement initiatives. Mats is also a great colleague.
Fredrik Wiik - Senior Management Consultant, KnowIt
“Mats is a highly committed and business-oriented person. Who always work for the best of the company. Mats is good in encouraging its employees to develop themself and to take their own initiative.”
Mattias Gidlund • Market Operation Manager, Ericsson AB
“Mats was my manager for about two years at Contact Center Stockholm. It was really challenging to be a part of Mats’ team, in a good way! He really focuses on the individual and the team. This means that you need to work with yourself a lot, work with giving and receiving feedback (positive/“negative”), and how you express yourself and your feelings from your point of view, no matter what anybody else thinks. No one can say what you feel is wrong. :-)
I have received feedback from people saying they think I have been more confident, more tolerant (listen to people and have time for them), etc. This is very nice to hear, and I think it was thanks to Mats. Now that I don’t work with him anymore, I need to continue this work on my own because I want to keep developing the skills I have. Thank you, Mats, and good luck in the future. I’m sure we’ll meet again!”
Sanna Hill - Global Contact Center, Ericsson AB

“My recommendations for Mats Kallmyr are based on the following qualities:
– is a genuine people manager who loves to motivate and develop his staff using proven methods
– is highly structured in his tasks and knows how to prioritise and focus
– is a skilled presenter and loves to be on stage; communication with individuals and large groups is a definite strong point
– is a visionary and shaper: inspires groups and people to meet long-term goals
– has empathy and listens to his staff
– delivers results
On a more personal note, Mats qualifies as perhaps the best manager I have had during my 13 years at Ericsson. He has been a fantastic support to me and my development. I wish to give him my absolute warmest recommendations!”

George Grabecz • Project Manager, Ericsson AB
“Mats is a determined person and always focuses on finding new ways of improving daily activities and processes. It was a pleasure working together with him on the CIO Advisory Board.”
Kapiamba Wampuka - Program Manager, Ericsson AB

“Mats was my manager for about 1 year; first half, I was a consultant and then an employee. He has an open mind and respectful attitude. He showed me a leader who is not afraid of confrontation, who listens to every side and then stands by his decision. He is a direct and fair leader with a great sense of humour. I’m very thankful to have met him.”

Nina Koivisto - Contact Center Agent, Ericsson AB
“Mats is a very seasoned and effective senior manager who really goes for the real goal and delivers. Mats’s experience makes him a very effective change leader.
Mikael Björn - Business Unit Director, Agima Management AB

“Mats is a driven person who is enthusiastic about work and achieving results on time, every time. He is structured and very good at and interested in motivating personnel. These characteristics make him a good manager who is easy and fun to work with.”

Susan Kreivi • Process Expert, Ericsson AB

“When we worked on the CIO Advisory Board, Mats showed awesome commitment to the group, above his role responsibilities at the moment. He always provided a different point of view from the area he belonged to, plus his awesome knowledge of Agile and his senior points of view from his dilated previous experience. He is a great multi-cultural manager who will know how to keep a team performing and motivated. It was a pleasure to work with him.”

David De Martin Roche - Director of Engineering and Enterprise IT, Ericsson AB

“Mats and I worked together on the Leadership Team in his capacity as Global Change Manager (OEM). I was impressed by his leadership knowledge, transferable skills, and depth of experience in change and process management. Mats knows all of the pitfalls and challenges to drive a successful change management programme and, most importantly, how to make it stick. More than that though, his strategic view of leadership and holistic approach to business prioritisation makes him stand out, as does his capability to deliver in a fast-paced, distributed global business, undergoing exponential growth. Aside from his professional qualities, Mats is a great guy, smart, personable and assured. I am grateful for our conversations and his insight while working together. I hope to have an opportunity to work with him again in the future and have no hesitation in recommending him.

Mark Welland - Key Account Manager UK, Niteco AB

“Mats were my boss at Ericsson Contact Center, where I worked as a support agent. Mats has strong leadership skills and applies very interesting leadership practices, which made our group at Contact Center grow into a real team. His leadership includes setting proper values and principles, clear goals, and working at a group level and individually with each employee. I really liked how he applied knowledge within group behaviour to make our group come together and become a team rather than just many individuals working at the same place. I guess that our team was so strong i.a. because Mats also chose the correct core values, such as honesty and constructive feedback to each other. He showed leadership by example and was there for us in hard times. Overall, I have very good memories from the times I worked with Mats!”

Alexander Kuznetsov - Contact Center Agent, Ericsson AB

“Mats is a great contribution to the organization with dedication and innovation. As a manager, he is very kind and considerate to his staff with encouragement and support. It has been a great pleasure to work with Mats from both a professional and a personal perspective!”

Bing Lu Runesson - Project Manager, Ericsson AB
“Mats long experience, structured ways and pragmatic approach made him excel in this position. Not only did he perform his tasks in a professional way, but he also worked hard to further improve processes and ways of working. He truly believes in empowering people and that leadership is about bringing the best out of the fellow man. I enjoyed working by his side and would gladly do so again.”
Daniel Lindqvist - Project Portfolio Manager, Ericsson AB

“Mats was my manager for 1 year at Ericsson. During this time, I got to know Mats as a very supportive manager; he ensured that his team always had what was needed to get their work done on time with the right quality and cost. But more than being just a good manager, I found Mats to be that rare type of person who focuses on what is best for the overall business and the company, even if it means sacrificing his own goals would use to describe him, as he wasn’t afraid to say what needed to be said and do what needed to be done. Working with a manager who didn’t mind going against “big company politics” for the overall business to succeed was extremely refreshing and an asset to any business, and I would be glad to work alongside him again. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about Mats.

Roger Silvermane - Senior Program Manager, Silvermane Consulting
“Mats has an eye for the “big picture” and is loyal to the overall mission and strategy of the Group. He is keen on methods and tools to improve the operation at hand, and seems to enjoy especially project-oriented assignments.”
Anders Beckius • Global Management Shared Services Centers, Ericsson AB

“Mats and I worked together for the Gulf countries within the Market unit EMEA, and the last time we worked together within Engineering Sweden. I found him to be a good and supporting leader; he is technically strong, and he has a great business sense as well. His communication skills are excellent. He is fluent in many languages, which makes him a great asset for an intercultural type of work between companies. I enjoyed working with him and hope to work with him again in the future.”

Hassan Alaoui - Project Manager, Ericsson AB
“I have worked with Mats in his role as ICT Project Portfolio Manager Finance at Ericsson. Mats’ experience in various areas and roles (automobile, telecom, etc.) brings great value to any organisation. I especially appreciate Mats’ enthusiastic and professional way of addressing issues. Mats is also a nice guy.”
Göran Waernström - Senior Consultant, Rote Consulting AB

“Mats was my manager then, and working in Mats’s team was a pleasure. He is very supportive, positive and human, and nothing seems to be impossible from his point of view. Besides, you could always trust his words; what he says is what will happen.”

Camilla Sköld (fd Bergström) - Accounts Payable Manager, Ericsson AB
“Mats are on the case until it is done with good results. He is also an easy person and nice to be around. So I can really recommend Mats.”
Michael Pettersson - CEO, Let'sTalkGroup

“Mats is a very open and coaching manager. You can see that he loves his work to empower and develop his staff. He focuses a lot on allowing you to grow as individuals and as a team. I have had the possibility to do both during my time with Mats as manager. Mats took Contact Center and our team to a new level of support at Ericsson. I thank you for the opportunities and hope that our paths will cross in the future.”

Pär Alm - Contact Center Agent, Ericsson AB

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